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Devious Journal Updated

Sun Aug 28, 2005, 11:06 PM

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So yea, I've updated my journal peeps, I figured it was time to work on it :P  I updated the feature as well, finally lol, last time I edited my journal, instead of updating my featured deviant, I chaned "weekly featured deviant" to "monthly featured deviant" rofl.  But yea I got around to it, hope you got some pageviews out of it, slickslick!, and I hope you get some as well grimdiskord, you deserve it. :)  Everyone, take care and I'll be around postin some new work :)


:dance:This month's featured deviant is grimdiskord Be sure to check him out, he's got some great art in his gallery, and he's even a nice guy, holy crap what a combo!:hug:

the Pale Rider by grimdiskord angel reborn by grimdiskord First Crow Drawing by grimdiskord Lucifer be Damned by grimdiskord

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.sadness. by above-and-beyond In The Box by above-and-beyond ...Lost by above-and-beyond Puppet by above-and-beyond
murder in COLD BLOOD by above-and-beyond Almost Bad Luck by above-and-beyond roil by above-and-beyond Eye Candy by above-and-beyond almost home by above-and-beyond

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